Two-Bedroom Unit

One Katipunan Residences has two home configurations for you to choose from – one bedroom and two bedroom options. Two-bedroom options come in three different floor plans designed to maximize the area within the structure itself and to give residents a space-saving yet ultra-comfortable home to live in.


Sq. Meters







The two bedroom floor plans of this building come in three distinct designs, all of which are located at the corners of each floor. Unit A measures 42.34 square meters, while Unit G measures 39.5 meters. The third option for a two bedroom unit, which is Unit H, has a floor area of 42.46 square meters.

Each two bedroom unit has one toilet and bathroom, a compact and highly functional kitchen, a laundry and drying cage, and an open floor plan that incorporates both the dining and living area. The master’s bedroom is generally larger than the secondary bedroom, and is also where you usually will find the balcony of the unit. You will find that each floor has one of each two-bedroom unit design, completing the 12-unit limit set for each floor.

These homes are ideal for small families, friends who want to start off on their own, siblings being independent in a new urban setting, and even individuals or couples needing an extra room for a home office space.



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